wanted carbin fiber seat!!

Hey yal, I need a carbin fiber seat befor muni weekend, any bolt pattern will work.

cheers, Zack

Ok its not for me it’s for, it’s for Bevan.


Noone has a cf base? Please?


I don’t see the words “buy” or “sell” in your post. Is this a request for charity? Does uni.com not have them in stock? Do you just want to borrow one?

Carbon Fiber Seat

There ya go. Unless you were looking for somthing cheaper…

Good point, every serious muni or trials rider except me has one.

According to Jagur, which was my only source as of the time of my last post, uni.com is out of stock, but I called and they do have them. If all else fails, I wouldn’t mind borrowing one.

Basically, as of now I don’t have any functional seats. My KH had the bolts pull through the seatbase a-la Jess Riegel, and my miyata has a cracked reinforcement plate and no padding or seatcover, except about 3’ of duct tape and a popped 12" bike innertube.

There’s no point in buying yet another KH or Miyata seat that will just break, so carbonfiber seems the only route (yeah, viscounts could work, but I’ve heard of them breaking and they are heavy and the bumpers fall off after about 1 fall). I can’t afford a complete seat from uni.com, and I figured someone out there must have an old cf base that they might like to sell me, so I figured I’d ask around.

Now, to put it simply: Does anyone have a carbonfiber base or seat that they can sell me. Bolt pattern is irrelevant, as I have schwinn and miyata seatposts.

Bevan onewheeler(at)mindspring.com

cool there back in stock,i remember when mine only cost $56

Most of the price increase is due to the changes in the exchange rate. A US Dollar doesn’t buy as many British Pounds as it used to. The price of the carbon fiber base in British Pounds has gone up a little bit over the past three years. However, the cost of the carbon fiber base in US Dollars has gone up a lot over the past three years. The difference is due to the exchange rate.

Stupid trade defacit, president, and national debt!!! I can’tt believe Bush is trying to make it more expensive for me to unicycle…JK. Seriously, though, how long ago were they only $56?

You can use the WaybackMachine to look at some of the old prices at unicycle.com and unicyclesource.com.
Wayback archive of unicycle.com
Wayback archive of unicyclesource.com

The CF seat base was $56 way back in 2000.

Looking at past exchange rates it looks like about half of the current price increase is due to the changing exchange rate and the other half would be due to increased margins or increased costs at unicycle.com.

I’ve got four of the $56 CF seat bases. :slight_smile: Sometimes it’s good to be an early adopter.

You wouldn’t happen to be able to sell one of those, would you?

“No”? Dang.

If I sold one then one of my unicycles would be seatless. :slight_smile:

I actually need to get yet another CF seat base so I can replace the plastic Miyata seat base on my freestyle uni.

I’m curious as to why a freestyle uni needs a cf seatbase. It’s not like you’re standup coasting with all your weight bouncing on the handle of the seat. Or maybe you are :astonished: !

It seems as if everyone I ask who might have one ethier doesn’t or is actually looking for one. Uni.com must sell tons of those!

My freestlye uni needed a carbon fiber becuase before I got one, I went through 2 seats a week (well, that was one week). I assumed at that point, it would be worth the cost.

Edit: This was when they were indeed 56 dollars.

Wow! How did they break? I never damage my unis doing freestyle.

Has it? I didn’t notice… it should have been the same price. The problem in the US is totally the problem with the exchange rate. It is lovely for us in the UK but really hard for you in the US.


I used to kill lots of Miyata seats from Freestyle. Mostly the repetitive pulling up and pushing down. This would weaken the plastic, which would split at the rivet points. And the seat post plates would tear (yes, the metal would tear) right off the posts.

Most of this was fixed by using a gussetted seat post, like the one on my DM (you may have seen that). I’m sure Trials will put on even more wear & tear, but before Trials existed, it was not so hard to kill a seat doing Freestyle.

Plus John Childs and I weigh more than you. That’s got to count for something more than just the extra work going up hills…

Uh, and down hills too I guess… :slight_smile:

Thanks, now I know. Still a surprise to me, though.

From over here it looked like the base price (in Pounds) had gone up. The price increase over here was a bit more than just the exchange rate. Oh well. The CF seat base is still an awesome piece of kit.

At least y’all in the UK get a good deal on the stuff that Steve Howard makes. :slight_smile:

i still think it has a little to do with what i brought up in the Subaru…:o