[WANTED CANADA OR AUSTRALIA] old Impact 24" frame


Yes, I am looking to buy a frame… I am leaving Canada for a few months, I’ll be riding a 24" and I am missing a frame. I’d like to get a second hand Impact frame. The old version with 42mm bearing holders.

Either in Canada or Australia as I will be traveling in Australia with it.

Color doesn’t matter, as long as it’s ridable!

Like this beautiful specimen?

It lives in Canberra, I will let you see if if you are nice.

Yes! But frame only… And it’ll see some abuse that’s why I want to buy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m willing to buy from other countries, but I’d rather save on shipping!

Did you see that they are $110 from goudurix?

I can’t find them on the website!


It directs me straight on the Canadian website and the item has been removed. I just confirmed with a friend who works there. They’re out, we will correct the website.

Anyone else?