Wanted Camel Bak

I am looking for a camel Bak or the bladder because the bladder in mine is really old and tastes like skunk water.

mmm, tasty:p

i would recommend NOT buying a used bladder. have you tried ebay? ebay is usually considerably cheaper than retail store prices for hydration supplies, especially overpriced brands like camelbak

Yeah, I wouldn’t suggest that either. Thats actually kind of gross.

yeah that is quite gross, thinking about it i think i might get myself a camelpac or something similar, seeing as i get 10% discount in almost every camping and climbing/outdoor persuits shop in the UK:D
Are they any good for unicycling (muni and x country)??

mine is used but only by my brother i don’t know what he did to it but it tastes first like the smell of chlorine in a public swimming pool then after that wonderful taste it switches to the smell of a skunk taste. very appetizing. thanks for the ideas i am going to check ebay


I use the brand HydraPak, model Big Sur.
I have had the same one for 3-4 years with no issue.
Great product and customer service.

The great thing about this brand is that the whole top opens for easy cleaning of the bladder

You can usually find them on Ebay for a good price.

just my 2 cents.

Wal-mart sells a camelbak knock off. I think it’s like $20.

Also, the bladder sections are only like $30 retail.

littlemenjd for your 2 cents it looks good i will probably end up getting one

Most of the wal marts near me carry 2 different brands of hydropacks and the replacement bladders they sell are very strong and have a heavy-duty hose. The bite valves are a little leaky, however they can easily be replaced w/ one of a better design.

I find the best thing to clean out a bladder is to run a bunch of lemon or lime juice through it, then run water through. Leaves a nice taste, too. The acid in the juice dissolves stuff.

Just and idea.

Get some milton bottle bleach, mix it up as directed, fill the bladder and pipe and leave for half an hour or so. As you don’t have to rinse out the bleach the bladder will stay fresh until you next use it, so won’t mould like one that has normal water in will. I also use a coat hanger to drag a tiny bottle brush throgh the hose, which scrapes out anyhting growing in there.

And what’s wrong with buying a used bladder?

The same thing that’s wrong with buying clothes from a thrift store.:o

which is?

You know what i just noticed? i own a BRAND NEW camelback, its hanging up in my closet. Never used… and i have no clue when or where i would use it… :roll_eyes:

I tried to have the “:o” face imply that the reason people don’t buy stuff from a thrift store is the same stupid reason someone wouldn’t want a used camelback.

A lot of people only want things NEW, and anything used is “below” them, “dirty,” or “gross,” simply because it is used.

Personally, I love thrift stores, yard sales, auctions, and the like. I can get cool things cheap, clean them up, and either use them or make lots of money on eBay :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Regarding the camelback specifically, if you were really anal about getting it super clean, boil it. Problem solved. If not, soaking it in disinfectant dish soap water would probably be almost as good.

I must say that, however, I am NOT willing to buy used underwear. I do draw that line.

Oh sorry i thought you were yourself advocating that buying stuff second-hand is unseemly. Anyway, getting way off topic.

i looked at the thread title and thought that someone had taken a camel that had belonged to you and you wanted it back.

Not very usefull i know, but it made me chuckle.

That made me chuckle too!

REI has em cheep.