[Wanted] Big wheel

I am looking for either a coker or a 29er, preferably a deluxe coker, or a kh 29er but if the price is right i will go for anything with a 29 inch wheel or bigger.

I’ve recently been looking either a 28/29er or a Coker and, after a few weeks consideration, I deicided that a 28/29er would be most practical (taking into consideration the maximum distance that I plan to commute, where/how I would store it when not in use, and price.)

Coker The Big One 36-inch Deluxe
Price: $489.00

Nimbus 29-inch Touring Unicycle
Price: $229.00

Semcycle XL 28-inch Standard
Price: $200.00

or, with a bit of effort,
Sun 28-inch Chrome
Price: $85.00
WTB Nano Raptor 26 or 29 x 2.1 Cross-Country tire
Price: $37.00 + $7.50 for tube = $129.50

The 28" Sun that I just got for Christmas is plenty fast for me. I rode 2 miles in 11 minutes today, with a short break in the middle (the stock Sun seat is pretty uncomfortable, but I plan to get a nice KH seat soon).

Hope I helped,

That’s great - you averaged roughly 10 MPH!