WANTED: Bicycle Type Saddle Adapter (US)

Hello All,

I am looking for a bicycle type saddle adapter. Basically I am in search for an adapter that will accept a two bolt standard MTB mount and converts it to a 4 bolt plate/mount that will allow our standard unicycle saddles to be installed.

I have reached out to few members and there seems to be a few different adapters that have been made in the past but most if not all have been discontinued. I want to see if anyone from the community has one laying around they would like to sell or any leads on who might still make one.

Thanks in advance.


I have an unused one sitting around that you can have for the postage. Probably six bucks or so.

I had vague plans of using it with a suspension seatpost but never got around to it. It’s all steel and super heavy (290g)!


Thanks for the response! What brand adapter is this? is the post sticking out supposed to be used for handlebar mounting? Can you show where it mounts to a 2 bolt bicycle post? maybe an underside picture?

I think it’s a Kris Holm adapter. The curved plate on the top is the same as a the top of a standard four bolt unicycle post; the unicycle saddle sits on top of it. The two rails on the bottom are the same as a the rails on a standard bike saddle; any seatpost for standard bike saddles will clamp to them.

The tube sticking out the front is to mount a brake.

I don’t know what a two bolt bike post is - some posts have a couple of bolts for tilt adjustment, but those aren’t for mounting the saddle.

I gotcha! im following. i was thinking of the two bolts for tilt adjustment usually on a bicycle seat post.

Would you want to sell this one?

You can have it for the postage cost - if you’re in Virginia, sending it from Atlanta is probably six bucks or so, USPS first class.


Great! sent you a DM.

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