Wanted bc wheel

Just the wheel folks. I ain’t picky as long as its 14mm axel.

Im selling both mine, ones a 24" with arrow rim and pink halo tire. The other is the one i rode in spencers vid. 20" with a 20g or a krad. il sell my plates too. they have gripstrips.

what are the prices for all of those?(seperatly)

What he wrote not that i have any cash. :smiley:

Prolly 140ish for the arrow wheel, its been riden once.

Bmx bc…90 ish

hey evan
how mutch for the plates?

They might be spoken for, but around $100.

Nobody buy Evan’s stuff.

If you do you are aiding in his plan to quit riding.

Why listen to someone that looks like this?

Why wouldn’t they? Its a nice picture.

But really, buying Evan’s stuff is like funding terrorism.

Do i sense a little competition going on here?? :smiley: :smiley:

No, I just don’t want Evan to quit riding.

Oh ok, that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that picture really you?

Cause he looks kind of like an alien :astonished:

its also looks like its been photo shopped a fair bit as well…

+1 Quitters suck

Funding Terrorism? Evan better sell me ALL of his stuff then.

Yeah its me, my webcam has all these effects and stuff and I was playing with it. I used the bulge on and made my forehead look huge. I don’t really look like that.

So how much for just the 20" wheel?

$90 for bmx wheel.

Uh, nevermind.^^