[Wanted] BC Wheel

I’m looking to jump on the BC wheelin’ bandwagon, and before I lay down the money for a Bedford I figured it would be good to see if anyone happened to be selling a good BC in good condition at the moment.

Any bites?

The Bedford wheels look pretty sexy, so the sexier the wheel the better :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Bedford deluxe with EB plates on it if you wanna buy it…hows 100 bucks? It has a primo comet tire on it which is like only ht best bmx tire ever made, its 110 psi and has practicaly no tread on it.

Whoa, heh, sorry spence, this comp is still loged on your name, anyhow, thats me with the bc wheel forsale

tis a bedford with EB plates and comet tire

evan’s plates are teh shitz, even if he can be a prick about them sometimes. He does huge drops on them.

Well that was weird to read…ha, I didnt think I posted that.

Picture please.

This is what it used to look like. That was taken when it was new though. It now has a different tire and Evan’s plates.

Thanks for the pic, but do you have anything more recent?

like this?

bc 001.jpg

Evan will have to take some because its his now.

edit, never mind

i know the plates are rusty, but i can wire brush tehm to sweetness and cear coat em if you want, or i can just brush them so you can paint ehm or have them powder coated by someone.

so far phil is 1st inline for it

if that falls thru its all yours.


bc 002.jpg

Throw in the original Bedford plates plus the EB plates and I’ll give you $60.

haha, hell no.

  1. i dont have the plates, i sent them to eric and he had them run over with a truck.

  2. 60 is hardly enough to pay for the plates.

evan, it’s used.
You can’t go selling used stuff for new prices.

darrens deluxe bc wheels are 200+