Wanted BC Wheel

Looking for freestyle/Trials 20 BC wheel somewhere in the price range of $50-$85. I rode my friends last weekend and I’m already hooked. I need one for myself to feed the addiction.

i can help

all u need to do is get a nice front bicycle wheel and buy the foot brackets aff of unicycle.com wich r about $60 after shipping and all that, thats what i just did cause it saves u $100 that u would spend on the whole thing.
and make sure its the front wheel of a bicycle because it has to be a freely spinning wheel, if u need help with that then let me know.

Alright, thanks for the tip, I will consider that very much so.

I have a Bedford 20" pro street BC wheel I’d like to sell. I want to get $150 for it (it’s $295 CA new, and in great shape!). Let me know if your interested.

I have brand new Alloy Ntappin Plates that I would sell you for $15.00US, probably cost another $10.00 to ship to you, so $25.00.

Find a nice strong BMX front rim with a 14mm hub abd your ready to roll. These plates are drilled for a standard hub axel, but I would definately not go smaller than 14mm, unless you weight under 80lbs.

Let me know…