Looking for a bc wheel for good price in canada!!!

I’ll sell you mine for 150$ + shipping…why? because I dont ride it a lot

By the way, it’s a bedford deluxe bc wheel ( long plates ) with a blue tire and glow in the dark grip tape. I also have black grip tape that I can give you for free.

Ask for pics

can i see some pics of that?

i want a bc wheel, but i’m not sure which kind of plates I should get. I’d like to see how much longer the “long” plates are than the normal ones.

they are alot longer. look in spencer’s gallery, he has both in it I think.



Lowered prototypes:

what brand is that 1st and 2nd BC?

I think the first is the pro street. It’s probably jsut a normal one though.

second is the trials with pro plates.


The first one is the deluxe Bedford, it doesn’t really exist anymore. The ones Darren sells now have different parts

Second is Bedford trials with pro plates like Miles said.

The prototype plates are bent but they were made just to see if I liked the amount they are lowered so they weren’t as strong as the ones Darren actually sells.