WANTED: BC platforms

drilled to fit the bigger (14mm?) bmx axle.

waitwaitwait. you’re buying something? don’t you just sell?

in other news, i can’t help you.

I could get you some pretty heavy ones (the guy said they could hold like a 1000 or 10000 (can’t remember) pound force). I’ve yet to bend mine at all. I can get you pretty much any specs. If you give me time. Like $20 or $30 CAD I think?


i want some for my 16" bc wheel

I’m going to make some this weekend. I could make some extra if anyone wants to buy some.

what do yours look like? im interested. you live really close too… BONUS!

Dude! I never noticed you lived in Oregon! Where in Oregon? Oh, and your question. Just ripoffs of the bedford ones. And Can put grip tape on like the bedford ones also.

Also pm me and tell me how big to drill the holes.:slight_smile:

Oh, 14mm… Silly me.

1/2 bike

do you have a pic of them? pm me with a price (or post it here). yeah 14mm.

So-Lame =Salem