{wanted} bc plates/20$

I’m looking for some bc plates, doesn’t really matter which ones as long as they don’t completely stink. If you could post pictures of them that would be great. I’m hoping that they could be 20-30 dollars or less would be even better:D

here you go,
one free bc wheel


I don’t think you’ll do much better than that :roll_eyes:

I’m not looking for a whole wheel just the plates I already have a wheel.

your not going to find any i have tryed
and when evan gets on here he will probaly complain about how people dont want to pay anything for good plates.:smiley:
just get some bedford for christmas :roll_eyes:

they’re 80 dollars that’s ridiculous for two pieces of metal.

thats what i think.

I hate to get on people’s bad side around here that say that the lowriders are worth every penny but I’m just a little concerned on the price. I would be blowing my whole year’s savings except for when I bought a tire and putting into two pieces of bent metal. I just don’t think they’re worth it. but then again i’ve never bc wheeled and I wouldn’t know the difference in plates

the bedford plates are awesome. a bit pricey, a bit heavy, but they are awesome.

Your not just getting two bent pieces of metal.

If you want to think that way, go to your hardware store, buy two pieces of bent metal, drill a hole in it, and try those. They will bend so easily.

Darren makes these by hand, and they are one of the strongest plates out there, that wont bend once you start jumping down curbs. Evens EB plates are strong as hell too, but I think a little more expensive, or the same price.

Like I was saying, Darren does these plates by hand, so your not paying just for some ‘bent pieces of metal’, your paying for Darren’s labour to make your plates, anything you wish to be customized on them, and a guarantee that these plates are some of the best BC plates in production.

If you want to fight against the people who charge alot for plates, then go to your local scrapyard regularly. Bring in some schematics of what the plates you want should look like, and what their dimensions should be, and what material. Eventualy you will probably find something similar if not exactly like that. I was able to pick up some really strong plates for aobut 5 bucks when I did it. All I had to do was drill the hole (which actualy became pretty difficult cause I didn’t have the right drill bit, and I wanted the whole slightly lower than the existing one).

But now I have a really good set of plates and so do the people I have sold my other sets too. Unfortunatly the problemw with picking them up at the scrap yard is that they are something that is no longer made and therefore I won’t be selling anymore.

Evan pays around $25 for the metal used for his plates and the additional labour charges to build them himself. I think $50 is a bit more reasonable, but he charges I think $75, which is cheaper than Bedford plates? Maybe you can talk him down since you aren’t making tons of money off of people who want to buy EB Plates.

Or if you live in a city that lives off of steel like me… Hamilton’s nickname is Steelcity, you can pickup nearly the same metal for $5~ it will be a tad heavier, like maybe a quarter pound more, but it will be stronger.

If I had the tools and machinery at my house to make them, I’d go pick up more metal and make like 10 sets of them and sell them for like $40 a pair, shipped.

You’re right, Bedford plates are large angled aluminum. If it was bent metal, it would look like those crappy Nimbus plates, or was it the Yuni BC Wheel on Unicycle.com?

Here ya go http://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?id=62&step=2

They are just as much bent metal as any other Bike or uni component.

Hey I have some plates for 5 dollars but if you saw them you would not pay 50 cents for them.:smiley:

try me

lets see here, they are about 1.5 inches long they are severly bent i made the holes for the axle with an oxy-acetiliene torch theyve already brohen in about three peiecesand thier not the same hight.:smiley: