WANTED: BC/Impossible Wheel

Interested in getting a bc wheel but I don’t really want to spend too much money. Does anyone want to sell one?

i have a wheel perfect for a BC all you would need is the plates.

20" Hazard Light rim

Hazard Light hub etc.

Where’d you get the wheel from? Where can I get plates? And how much do you want for the wheel?

got it at the bike shop for $115 including the black spokes.

you can get plates through Bedfords site or unicycle.com

$75 plus 10 shipping is what im asking

its only a couple weeks old.

After I buy your wheel and platforms from bedford, I would be better off just buying a whole bc wheel from bedford and not worrying about assembly issues. got any lower prices?

check the prices on the Odyssey Hazard light rim and hub and you will see that the price is fair dude. im giving you spokes too so add that in as well.

assembly issues? how hard is it to bolt on BC plates for gosh sake.


my wheel is no longer for sale at this time.