wanted-bald trials tire.

In u.s. :slight_smile:

i have one. for shipping from california you can have it. it is a luna. bald not shaved

Sorry, but in trying to be clever you just made an ass out of yourself.

That used luna would be a good choice if you plan to be using this as a street tire. A bald or shaved CC would be too thin and would wear all the way through too fast. The harder compound of the Luna will let it last longer.

Just shave your maxis. That’s what I did to test if I like it, if I do I shall buy a Luna.

Yet somehow, my Bald CC tire is going great, and its been bald way before last Moab.

Makes me curious, how many of the people saying stuff about a bald CC actually know about it, because that is what they ride? Or are all of you going off what people are saying about it.

Anyways, Its been about 10 months of being on a bald CC tire now, and its still great. Its going to take a long time to go through the other two CC tires I still have in the corner.:slight_smile:

I had been riding a bald CC for quite some time, I didn’t realize until I got a new tire how horribly it behaved. Its just too thin to really be worthwhile. Yes, physically the tire will stay in one piece for quite some time but I definitely believe that once its bald and/or worn it loses any of the good characteristics which it had at the start. The threads on the sides were starting to break through and the sidewalls became very weak. Maybe if you bought one new and shaved it it would be okay for a while until you wore it to a certain point, but riding a completely worn one just isn’t fun. I had to run a pretty high PSI in it for it not to be all squirrelly.

jjust what I wanted. pm sent.