[Wanted Badly] United, Summit frame!!

Hey All, Resently i have bene slaughtering my knees on my yuni frame, its really begiing to hurt and my knees are purple, does any one have Either a United rounded crown or a summit frame forsale???



Re: [Wanted Badly] United, Summit frame!!


Is this for a trials uni? If so and you go with United, you’ll need a 24" frame to fit the trials tire.


its for a treet uni, but wont a 24" bring up the neck up much higher? cuz i always keep the seat touching the neck fro street, maybe i could cut the neck.

this is what the “Trading Post” is for
just fyi
but good luck finding it
just go buy a united frame, they’re pretty cheap
i personally don’t like round crown frames at all
and the united doesn’t look great

I will sell you my summit frame, but only once Darren Bedford gets the new '05 KH frames in stock.

If it’s for a street uni, go ahead and get the 20" frame. That’s what they’re designed for.


yes but its a street uni with a 2.5" tire

You know I am selling. And you will want a flatcrown, for gliding and other stuff. You know pretty soon street tricks will be moving to the crown, we don’t have much of another place to go. Go on MSN.