Wanted- ANY Trials Uni

I just bought a muni for alot so I dont want to spend much but I really want a 20 in trails because doing trials on a Muni is too hard. So if you have any of ur old trials Unis that ur willing to part with let me know I may even throw in my antique working 24 inch schwin uni!

Geez, if you didnt live in Chicago… I have a low-end 20" trials i wanna get rid of

Heh heh - sorry, i guess that didnt really help you very much did it :roll_eyes:

give ya 30 bucks for it johnson

ill sell you my 2006 torker dx for 150$

dang. i just got a new 06 dx for like 214 plus shipping. If I would havve known that you were selling one for 150 i would have bought it and the money I had buy ups for it

What is ups?
And dang, I would take that if I were you. That is amazing. You should take it.

upgrades i was in a hurry and i would have took it but it wasn’t posted until a few days after I ordered mine

UHHH… JACO? ive still got this torker:D

i may want the torker…

05 or 06

Is your torker an 06 or and 05? Pls. clarify.