[Wanted] Alot of stuff....

Heres the list of things im in the market to buy/trade:

(24" Or larger) United frame

Big cheese V brake mount

Hoggy-g tire

Bearing extractor

Demolition or Primo Tenderizer pedals

Carbon fiber base

maxxis hookworm 24"

left hand reeder

diatech golder finger (left)

I’ve got a Hoggy G with less than 15 miles on it that I’m willing to part with:)

how much

Send me a pm with your address so that I can include shipping and I’ll give you a price. What do have to trade?

Seat posts, munis, trials, pedals, frames…

What do you want?

As for small stuff(stuff thats a good trade for a tire), i have some oddessey GI seat post clamps, 25.4 and 22.2, a quick release clamp, a HUGE coker handle, some snafu pedals, some jimmy c pedals, some seat posts including a kh alu one.

I’m still waiting on at least your zip code so that I can see what shipping will cost

Check your pms

its 93023

how much you pay for united frame? I will only aceppt payments that are the yen

my dad has some yen, how much you askin for?

I got my Big Cheese at www.airbomb.com . They had the best price I could find.

make me an offer in USD

or trade for a frame in a larger wheel size or trade + $ for bc plates

You got riped, DansComp has them for 24.99