[wanted] Airfoil Rim

Hey everyone I know most people probably aren’t willing to sell airfoils, but heres the thing. I have a dream unicycle I’m building up and the airfoil is the most important part, the new coker is coming out so I’m hoping that if I offer someone the right amount perhaps they would be willing to part with their rim. I also don’t care if its the X rim or not, so if you think you want a rim that holds any tire, this would be your chance to dump your x rim and make a profit.

I’m willing to offer 110 for an X airfoil rim and 160 for a non X airfoil. Also the longer I wait the more desperate I will become until UDC produces more (if they do). Also if you have a wheel built around an airfoil and you don’t want to take apart the wheel, talk to me and maybe we can work something out.

Anyways, any productive comments are welcome, or pm me.

My email for anyone wanting to email me is,

ntappin @ Gmail.com

Check your email.