Wanted: Actual tire weight for Nimbus Nightrider 36"

I see it listed as four pounds (1824gm) on the UDC site, which seems a little on the light side, so I wanted a couple of rider tested weights, but couldn’t find those when I searched the Forum.

I weighed my Coker Non Skid and it was 2244gm :astonished:


That is the correct weight from the first production batch. Each batch seams to change slightly; some higher, some lower. I am working in that section of the warehouse today and I will get some current batch weights.


I have just checked the latest batch of tyres. I picked bundle of 10 at randum and measured the weight of each individually and then the whole
bundle of 10. The weights vary from 1810 to 2000. The average weight for this batch was 1914.


Thanks Roger!

That’s service!

My Nightrider weighed 2098g when new.

My Nightrider weighed 2098g when new (bought from UDC December, 2010).