[Wanted] A small list of stuff

Hey guys,
I’m am going to get this stuff off of Udc but before that I wanted to know if you guys had any of this stuff that you could sell me or if your nice give me;).

89mm cranks

Kris Holm Freestyle Bumper

Kris Holm 2004 Replacement Crank Bolt

The total price for all this on Udc is $26 plus shipping so I’m hoping to get the stuff for less than that. Thanks!

You should probably just buy them from UDC because shipping would be a bit for 1 item and it would probably add up to more :slight_smile:

bump. If anyone has any of this stuff laying around cmon sell it to me:D

I have the cranks that you want and am not using them but am in no hurry to sell them either. All the things that you listed are the kind of things that people would keep just incase they need them instead of selling them. They are small, could come in handy, and not worth enough to bother selling.

Just cough up the $26 and give UDC some business.

Ok, I guess.

will a qu ax freestyle handle fit a k h seat, caus i got one of them…

the bolt will be something you can get for a couple of bucks at a well stocked bike shop. I have a friend with 89mm cranks and I’ll be in your neck of the woods on the 21st and 22nd…I’ll talk to him. AIM me about it to remind me a lot.