Wanted: 4" mini wheel, 4" mini-giraffe, 36" commuter, nimbus boomerang & kangaroo

i’m looking for used custom unicycles

a 4 inch, mini.
a 4 inch, giraffe.
a 36 inch, commuter with breaks and handles.
a nimbus boomerang, (20 x 4 1/4 inch tire).
a nimbus kangaroo.

and if possible all for $250.

your joking right?
if you can find a 4 inch tire/ rim i might be able to make a giraffe for you.
and the coker alone should be about 250

no joke heres a picture of the 4" unicycles

it comes from “The Unicycle Factory” in kokomo, indiana
but its no joke

whats the giraffe wheel made out of?

a scooter wheel i think.

if you’re willing to make something cool try this…

heres what i know about it…

a scooter wheel i think.

if you’re willing to make something cool try this…

heres what i know about it…
its a sissor jack with the chain threaded ftom center to front.
its a hand opperated hydrolic piston

Whoa that giraffe with the red tyre looks awesome. Imagine the downforce that 4" tyre is having. :astonished: The other one with the hydraulic piston looks weird and expensive to fix. :smiley:

well you might be able to get 1 of those 250

That seat on the mini giraffe looks mighty comfy!

dude if you are hinestly interested I think I can make the giraffe for you. depending on what parts are available and the size of your wallet:D .
tell me if you want me to look into it.

travis for $250 idotn think you have much of a chance…

but just for intrest what do u want to do with them?

Lets see. The coker with breaks and a handle will come to at least $300, and thats for a pretty old beat up one.

The two 4" unis will be extremely hard to come by, so I’d guess around $200 for both of them.

The boomerang, hmmm… around $70.

The kangaroo, probably around $60.

So all in all that comes to around $630.

By buying in bulk (you’d be extremely lucky to be able to get all that stuff from one person though) you might be able to pick it up for $550.

Good luck…

kangaroo = cotterless cranks w/ a crank turned around
really easy to make from a learner uni.

to be a true kangaroo the wheel has to be eccentric, so that when you pedal down the uni lifts up and when the cranks come back up the uni goes down so it looks like your on a kangaroo.

I think what you are describing is an eccentric kangaroo. A kangaroo doesnt have to be eccentric.

yes it does.

it’s called a kangaroo becasue it looks like a kangaroo when it’s eccentric becasue you bob up and down as you ride, if you jsut have the cranks the same way your feet just go around at the same time and you dont look like a kangaroo becasue your not bobbing up and down.

argue with john foss

from http://www.unicycle.com/educationarticledetail.asp?CatID=8&ID=38

as i said before though, i read that a while ago and took that definition for granted. I might be wrong.

For all those who want to purchase a kangaroo unicycle. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just an ethics note: When you see something in a magazine, or on the internet, it isn’t there to grant you permission to make it yourself. You need to get permission from the creator (Unicycle Factory) or the owner in order to build one yourself.

This is the same argument that goes around constantly in circles of magicians. It goes like this: “Well I saw this guy on tv last night do something cool, and I want one of those for myself.” Regardless if you saw it on tv, in a magazine or on the internet, you MUST obtain proper permission, from the rightful owner, prior to manufacturing one for yourself. The owner of that hydraulic/lazy tongs unicycle spent many hours/days/months designing it and building it. He would not be happy to hear that you went ahead and built one for yourself from his pictures. At least grant him/her the sole rights to its use, unless he gives you permission to do otherwise.

Getting off my soapbox…


DonB: that is only be true if it is patented or if the expressive aspects are copyrighted. I do know that if there are no Patents on a device then there is nothing to prevent you from creating an identically functioning machine.

USA: (with regards to patents) Am I wrong, because I though that…That only applies if you are selling the device (or giving it away), either in terms of a performance or actually selling the device itself. If the device will not be sold in any form then you are free to build it for yourself. Right or Wrong?