Wanted: 36er (uk)

Looking for a 36er, any model, any age. A friend wants one and I said I would find him one.

firetoys sell steel 36ers for £199, which i think is the cheapest NEW ONE you’ll get

That does seem cheap. Did you buy one? It cant have the stealth or aluminium rim, can it? Does anyone have the specs?

Surely its not the same as this?

Firetoys one: http://www.firetoys.co.uk/juggling/36__UDC_unicycle.html

It looks pretty similar to the one you linked to, but the firetoys one has a TA tyre compared to the Nightrider on the UDC site.


it says its steel rim’d

I’ve got a Coker Big One going up on Ebay next week. Interested?

Steel rim and frame, used twice, in it’s box with viscount seat and seat post, and no name pedals, knobbly tyre

Slight damage to seat bumpers as per photo and labels (BIG ONE) a bit ripped.

Great condition.

Reason for selling: I’ve got another Coker.

PM for more specifics or photos etc.


Will you ship to US and if so how much are you looking to get for it?

Hiya, what sort of price are you looking for for the coker. Thanks!

Looking at the price of them elsewhere I’d expect somewhere in the region of £150. Hopefully it’ll go for around that on Ebay.

I know the Aluminium Cokers are on UDC for £240 and this is a chromed steel one so I’d not expect that much. Not sure how much carriage would be though, obviously if it’s a pickup that would be easier and cheaper to organise.

Thanks for the interest.