Wanted: 36er Inner Tube (UK / Easy Posting)

Don’t really care too much re type or overall newness.

They’re out of stock at UDC UK so wondered if someone here has one going spare I could buy.

Thanks :pray:

Cocker tire, check out “unicycle tube” or even their unicycle tires. Pricey @ 26 usd each

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A 29" tube is available most anyplace. Many people including me use a 29" tube in the 36" with good success.


Ah yes good point I will look into that as this will be for a penny farthing 36” wheel so it likely doesn’t even need the beefiness a unicycle might.

Cheers for the nudge that way! :raised_hands:

I think UDC uk are getting some in on there next container in December. Maxxis 29er tubes are ok for a 36 and I have been recommended Michelin airstop 29 tubes.


I’ve got a Shrader 36" Foss tube from the parts drawer. Shipping would be from Canada though. My 36" is presta so it’s not being used.

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Thanks so much for the offer but I think it would just end up costing too much with too much ambiguity over duty etc. From what Unikev said supplies will be coming soon to UDC so my penny farthing wheel can wait until someone in the UK has one spare / used one for sale - I’ll hold off until we get stock :pray:

I’ve been using one for a while. Some here on this forum have been using them for years. Extra cheap (paid 5€ a couple of month ago), and much lighter than a Foss tube. It’s recommended to stick to this Michelin as it’s not affected by the stretch at all unlike some other brands/material.


I’m using a Good Year tube.


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