wanted 36er in england uk

looking to buy 36er unicycle in england uk

still looking

im looking for a 36er but looks like im going to buy myself a new one

Thanks for the plug Amanda :slight_smile:

My wheel is indeed still up for sale. It’s in very good condition, just that slightly annoying narrow bit at the joint that makes braking a bit bumpy (as mentioned in my original thread). I ran it like that with a brake though, so it’s not THAT bad. If you don’t use a brake it wouldn’t matter. It’s a nice hub, good tight wheelbuild, straight and true. And cheap! I’ll throw in some 150mm cranks as well if the buyer wants them. It’s a perfectly good wheel - just not as nice as my new one :slight_smile:


i really need a 36er with a brake

i need the option of a brake besides ive got spare a magura hs33 to put on a 36er

Would it be possible to fill the narrow part, Like brazing it. It might work.

Assuming you’re talking about my rim, then yes I think it probably would be possible. I thought about doing it myself, then decided to get a new rim anyway so never got round to it. It would take a lot of work to fill it with braze and file it perfectly flat, and even then it would probably still not brake smoothly because the brakes would grip the brazed bit differently from the chrome plating on the rest of the rim. It would be worth a try though if you did a good job of it. I can’t be bothered with it anymore - the new rim is much nicer in so many ways.
(Can you tell I’m not a salesman? :roll_eyes: - what I meant to say was “yes, it would be a really easy job and you’d end up with a perfect rim”)

Seriously though, it’s not that bad. I’ve ridden it how it is for a couple of years - it’s a cheap wheel, not as nice as a better one but perfectly rideable.


just ordered new nimbus

i dont want a 36eranymore just ordered a new nightrider pro