Wanted 36" Unicycle Coker or Titan or Oracle or ?

Wanted 36" Unicycle Coker or Titan or Oracle or ?

My 14 year old daughter currently rides a 29" wheel and has been saving up for a basic 36" wheel

We live in Santa Barbara CA 93105 so ideally something at an attractive price that you are willing to ship via Greyhound or US Mail or UPS or FedEx

Function more important than fashion

There’s a cheap coker on ebay right now that won’t last for $227. If you click buy it now you can still get it. It’s got some rust but it’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen a coker for. If you’re interested here it is.

this coudl be decentlycleaned up or is it junk?

That depends on what you mean by cleaned up. I think it an original coker, or at least an early generation. It has a square taper hub. Looks to me like all the rust is surface except possibly the seat clamp which is only a few dollars to replace. If it were mine I’d take some steel wool and clean it off as best as I could and then paint it. The tire is fairly worn out but looks ride able for a while. If the hub is in good shape then it will probably ride as is even if it isn’t pretty. Of course there is an element of risk with buying it but that is always there when buying something online, especially used stuff.

what a shame they left this outside. Those welds look like they’ve taken a bit of rust.


That’s the cheapest I’ve seen one in a while. It’s pretty old, but is probably functional. The biggest problem is that the shipping will probably be around $100, which totally blows the “good deal” aspect out of the water. Probably better to wait until a better one comes up locally, or save up for a new one.
(Just my $.02)

If that was the case you’d be correct, but it is listed with free shipping…

You’re right! Since it says free shipping, it goes back to being a pretty good deal. It also says “Make offer,” so in that case I think I’d offer $200 and see. Considering the age and condition, it really doesn’t seem to me to be worth more than that. Will probably need a new tire.

Actually there are several offers pending so the only way to get it for sure would be to hit the buy it now, otherwise I’d say the same.

36" KH on the Trading Post

There is also a KH 36" on this same Trading Post that hasn’t sold yet. Yes, it’s $450 without shipping, but based on the provided photos it is in far better condition than the eBay Coker.

My concern–if I was a potential buyer of the Coker–is that the rust may only be superficial, but what about the hub, spokes, crank to hub interface, etc? It could conceivably require a wheel rebuild and a new hub. After all, what uni enthusiast would let their 36" degrade to such a level? Obviously someone who doesn’t care for their equipment. This poor Coker doesn’t reflect merely miles of hard use it’s been subjected to uni-neglect .

I’m not saying it’s not repairable, but who is to say what costs might be incurred to make it roadworthy not including the shipping. $ or $$$?

Maybe I’m being too cynical, but…

That Coker may need a rim, tire and tube. After paying for the Uni and fixing it, you may have spent almost as much as it would cost to buy a new one. I think the KH 36" is a better deal. I offered to trade my 29" Nimbus Road for the KH, but the seller already bought one.

no you aren’t being cynnical. The problem with this beat up uni is that it will a time killer getting this thing up to speed. I think he’d be better off offering for cheap locally or just junking it for the metal.

Well, looks like someone bought that old coker… I hope they can fix it up nice.

Unicycle.com includes shipping for all complete unis, which is a real plus when you are looking at shipping an oversized package, something to consider in your purchase decision.

I’d rather pay a little more for a new uni and a warranty.

Got a used Coker with aluminum frame off local Craigslist

Thank you all hands

I considered the steel clunker on ebay and just got a used Coker with aluminum frame off the local Craigslist

$320 with handlebar water bottle cage and V-brake

Congrats! That’s a good deal! (Was it the one in Westlake Village? I’ve been watching that one, seemed like a good deal.)

Yes, Coker from Westlake Village

Yes, I picked up the Coker from Westlake Village that was posted on craigslist.

Daughter started on a Torker 20" then moved to a Nimbus 29er and is liking the 36er…She has watched the uniGeezer 36er mounting videos and so far still needs a platform to get herself going on the Coker

Daughter and I installed the handle bars and brakes yesterday and she did not like either so we pulled them both off, until further notice

Anyone have any tips on minimum crank lengths (how short one might reasonably go) for cranks on the 29 or 36?

Both 29 and 36 currently have 125mm square taper cranks and was thinking of trying 114 and perhaps shorter for use on flat pavement.

Terry (Unigeezer/muniaddict) did a 100+ mile ride (114 miles if I remember correctly) with 114s on his 36er so they must be viable.

This is one of my all-time-favorite unicycle videos. (It’s been posted on this forum before.) The little girl is 9 (looks even younger), and she’s riding a 36’r with 90mm cranks. Sort of proves that you don’t have to be tall to ride one.
Props to your daughter for riding a big wheel, and to you for supporting her interest!