wanted: 36" unicycle at good price

Please write jagatron at gmail dot com

Not looking for fancy one, good beginner 36 er


you might want to say which part of the world you’re in, as shipping across the pond costs more than a new unicycle.

It shows Tennessee, USA on the info up there.

The new COKER Big One $399.99

Bikemania has the new aluminum COKER Big One for $399.99. I don’t know what you consider a good price, but this sounds like a pretty good price for a 17 pound 36 incher. I haven’t bought one yet, I just upgraded from a 24" to a 29" and will wait to see if I really need more speed.


does now, didn’t when i made that comment

I have been looking for one too.

I am in the SD USA and would like one for not much more then $300. I am very limited on cash so the cheaper the better.