[Wanted] 36" Unicycle any Condition; Any Type

I’m 14 and looking for a 36" Unicycle in any condition and make. I’d like to spend as little as I can for the unicycle and for shipping, so probally a max of $250 shipping included. For this price I know that the unicycle will probally be in pretty tough shape, but I’ll snag what I can get. I plan to repaint it and customize it to my likeing anyways. My zipcode is 14526-1958 (Penfield, New York… near Rochester)

Sorry, Its too bad that no one wants to part with there cokers, you’d be better off just saving the money for a new one.

I’m sure someone has a coker that they don’t ride anymore… maybe even one that is just really bad looking… I just want a cheep 36" unicycle that I can re-make.

also i’m looking for a GB handle with the extender on the end