Wanted: 36" (preferably from KH or QU-AX)

Hi, I would like to ride longer distances. That’s why I’m looking for a secondhand 36" unicycle (preferably from KH or QU-AX).
Feel free to contact me if you want to sell a 36" unicycle, even if you don’t live near Brunswick :slight_smile:


I have parts to built 2 KH36 with disc brake and handle
From france, shipping to Germany is ok for me

Thank you for the offer! At the moment I’m looking for a complete unicycle and not for spare parts. (Currently I don’t know which individual parts I might need, as it depends on the unicycle I choose.)

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I propose of course complète uni …

Oh, I’m sorry I missunderstood you. :woman_facepalming: Of course I’ m interested.
Would you like to send me a photo of the unicycle and the price you’ve thought of?

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Here are the wheel and the frame
I have some choice for cranks and saddle, what would you prefer ?


@bouin-bouin ’s Custom Unicycle Shop

I like this…



That looks great!
I currently ride a QX Eleven saddle, which I’m pretty happy with. (But I haven’t tried many other saddles yet.) What kind of saddle could you offer me?
Regarding the cranks: Do you have a pair of KH Dual Spirit cranks (with the possibility to mount a disc brake)? Regardless from the exact type of cranks, I would prefer some shorter cranks as I am rather short.

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