Wanted: 36" (Coker/QuAx/UDC) in UK (South-east)

Hi all,

I might be in the market for a 36" uni sometime soon. Before I fork out for a knew one, anyone know of a second-hand one out there anywhere?


I’m not sure if this one is still available.

It’s a 36" QU-AX that says UK only…

Thanks, Steve.

I’ve already posted my interest on that thread…


Well, it doesn’t look like anyone’s selling.

Here’s an even less likely request… Does anyone have a coker or similar that I could borrow for a short period? My wife isn’t keen on me spending the money on a new one, and I can understand why. I’d love to try one out, though, either to change my mind about wanting one - or to make me more determined… ;o)

Of course it would have to be someone fairly nearby - I’m in Hertfordshire.

Cheer, man!

He’s been PM’ed