Wanted 36"[Australia]

I am chasing a complete 36" unicycle,Would prefer a KH 36 or triton 36 .

Hi Jimbo
I’ve got a complete 36er.
I’m in Sydney.
Its an older coker with airfool rim and a KH saddle. (also have an air saddle that could go with it)
In great condition as it’s been used pretty much exclusively for road riding.
I have 175, 150 and 125ml cranks for it.
I also have protective gloves with the wrist guards built in I can potentially throw in.
It has brake mounts welded onto the from ready to take a brake.
Only reason I’m willing to get rid of it is cause i’ve got a 26inch Geared Uni now and use that for most of my riding.
I can send photos if your interested.

I’ve bought a 29/36 triton.

anychance of some pics and a price rob?