[WANTED] 300mm+ Seatpost(22.2) Miyata

The title pretty much says it all. Pics/offers please. I have some good stuff for trade, and even a shorter seatpost if you want to go straight across. I just need it to be long and fit a standard miyata seatbase.

I have a bedford 22.2 seat post…,I think its 300mm and its in good condition (silver) i live in canada …in ottawa…and wat do u have to trade…and it wud fit ur miyata thingy…and I dont want to much for it…make an offer…and if u want I have a bedford frame and clamp if u want…

Hey Harry, that actualy won’t fit a Miyata seat, they have a different set up on the bottom of the seat. You need a Miyata specific seatpost.

And if it did fit a Miyata, Catboy couldn’t claim it because i would already have summersaulted to Ottawa to buy it off of you. I have been looking for one for quite a while as well.


ah…I didnt see that one coming…hmm…well does anyone want a bedford hard core frame and a pz clamp and a bedford seat post???

Damn you trying to threadjack!

Anyone got the post?

Bought one… you all suck.