wanted: 29'er wheelset

I’d like to set up a second 29’er…a really lightweight road version with my Kenda Qwest tire. It would be a big help to my wallet if I could get a used wheelset. Let me know if you have one to sell.


thats funny i just got mine built tonite and your already temping me to sell it…just kidding. its far to earley to sell, maybe in a month :smiley:


Oh, sweet set up Jagur!

Tell me when you’re ready to sell…:wink:

I’ve got a spare 48 hole 700c rim. 19 mm OD, 15 mm ID.

Just needs hub, bearings, spokes, wheel build, tube, tire, cranks, and pedals.

Thanks for that offer Steve.

I think I will hold out with the hopes of getting a complete wheelset…well except pedals and tire which I already have. This would save collecting all the bits and getting the wheel built which might cost me more than actually just buying it new… :frowning:

Nevertheless, thanks. :slight_smile:

Re: wanted: 29’er wheelset

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:21:04 -0600, “Erin” wrote:

>It would be a big help to my wallet if I
>could get a used wheelset.

My used 29" wheelset is more expensive than a new one. So the
potential “help” to your wallet is actually helping to empty it. :slight_smile:

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nope,sorry doesnt work like that.

the wheel you see above (and below) goes like this.

spokes 14/15 double butted 60 cents x36= $21.50
rim…$40 (salsa Delgato X)

total…$113.50 US

tyre? (your choice therefor not included,tube? $4bucks

build your own wheel save about $50…its not rocket science either and the reward of putting it all together yourself is most rewarding…)


I like the product photography set up you have there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Be careful with those small wheels, they might plop right in. :slight_smile:

Torker doesnt have Sh*t on ur uni stand man thats awesome im not sure my parents would aprove if i did it though lol