Wanted: 29" unicycle that will go Muni. USA

Moved to the city and need a 29" commuter that will also take offroad abuse. I’m in Richmond, Virginia if that makes a difference and let’s just say moderately priced.

well there is the KH 29, but that is fairly pricey.


I’m selling my Jeep, if it comes through with enough capital, I’ll definitely buy the KH29, bells and whistles, but it dosen’t hurt to search for surplus.

i have one for sale, but im in Oregon and to ship it to you will be alot since “oversized” i have shipped a 29er before so my guess would be around $75 to $85 bucks shipping.

let me know if your interested and i will give more detail about my 29er

Here’s what I have for sale:


The Black Beauty, the Rowing machine, the 8th wonder of the world!!! A custom frame built by Joe Rowing. The frame was originally designed to take a 24x3 setup and holds onto a 700x38 beautifully as well.

Salsa Delgato-X rim 36 hole.
DT Swiss 14/15 spokes
UDC hub
Bicycle Euro 150s

(2)Michelin Kevlar belted tires
(1) brand new red Kenda Cross 700x38

The seat is an alloy FMF seat post with a KH seat and a SH rail adapter… VERY nice setup.

I don’t mean to threadjack here, but I have a similar frame–a Telford–built to take a 24x3.0–and wondered if a 29er wheel would fit in it, too–obviously not with a fat tire, but more a cyclocross type. I was thinking I’d probably just put a 2.5 Hookworm on it, along with some shorty cranks (102s) I have, to make it a commuter, but am now wondering if I shouldn’t just make a new wheel with a 700 wheel on it. They’d be close to the same diameter, wouldn’t they?

accord,i think we may be in for another round of the “start thread, never reply”

let me know when you post it on eBay so we can both deal with seroius buyers and have a little online auction 29er race for the sale.

on second thought, i have dealt the hints enough in this thread and others,my 29er will be on ebay tomorrrow late PST.

Will do jagur. I’m debating on selling it in parts or as a whole.

Geez. I just posted yesterday afternoon…

I might be able to do $75 for shipping, but what are you selling it for and what are the specs.

So what’s a price for all of that? I’ll have to look over the specs closer on lunch break because I’m not familiar with any of those components.

Thanks for the reply’s, I’m on Eastern time so I’m out of the office by 3ish Oregon time. If you do put it on ebay that’s cool, you got to sell it somehow, drop a line here and I’ll check out the auction.


I’m taking my sick leave when it get’s here.

i havent had time to make an auction yet and it seems you bought the rowing machine (will this be the final resting place?) but i’ll post a pic of what i’ll have up soon just in case anyone else was lurking.

NimbusX 29er frame
KH 29er Rim
WTB 29x2.1 NanoRapter tyre.
blah blah blah

Yeah, well I wasn’t completely convinced, but it seems like a real versatile frame and for doing city blocks and occasional trips out to the river trails it’ll be all I need. You got a nice setup there too; hey what’s the point of a hand brake? I’ve never seen anyone use one before- it probably takes a lot more coordination though, right?

sounds like you are new to muni…if you do a search on brakes or watch most muni vids of the hardcore offroad stuff you will notice alot of brakes in use for the long or steep downhill sections.

Coker riders also use them to slow the wheel on long (miles) desents…they help to keep the legs fresh…

Yeah, I trail ride a couple times a month, but I guess Muni is edgier terrain. – I’m fairly unaware of the sport itself. If it wasn’t for this site and a few other random sites dredged up by google, I’d be oblivious to it.

Paypal has cleared.:slight_smile:

Darn, wish I saw this earlier. I’ve got a 700X38c I’d like to get rid of. Certainly not as high-end as Accord’s but it also would’ve been a fraction of the price, and in your own city! Oh well, wanna ride?

Item shipped.

what kind of price on the nimbus? And check out shipping to 29841. I’ll be back on tomorrow sometime…