Wanted: 27.2 pitfighter seapost

I keep bending or breaking my seatpost bracket and was wondering if anyone knows how to get my hands on a pit fighter. Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

I might be able to sell you mine, but I’m not sure. It is a first generation and a bit scratched up, but I weigh about 100 pounds so it shouldn’t be too weakened or anything.

Why not wait to try out the new forged KH post?

The adjustable ones (and full unicycles) are now available at MDC

UDC USA has the new unis and adjustable posts up as well, not the single piece forged ones yet though.

The adjustable one is expensive, but I suppose thats the cost of innovation. I wonder where those posts will fail first once people start riding them hard.

thus has all been really helpful thanks guys

what kind of riding do you do? im from kenora.

i ride a lot of street and flatland stuff

im gonna be in kenora next weekend. think you could make it down?

no can do, I am going to banff and calgary to ride next weekend

you guys have to be kidding… you making me poop my pants. im in penticton, im going to vanocuver tomorow if anyone wants to ride at some point, either aniwhere in canada and well JUST have to adjust something.


Pee Emm me :slight_smile: (Pm)


me marc and Beener know where it’s at In Winnipeg

The Grey hound… incident, was quite a show apparently, and i was there that same day XD

also. anyone want to ride at The Forks Plaza Park???


unicycling winnipeg…thats right