Wanted: 26" Yuni frame...

Wanted: 26" Yuni frame (chrome or black). Thanks! Carl (lucretius40@hotmail.com)

I might have one for sale in a month or two…

Thanks for advice. I’ll certainly keep that in mind if I can’t snag a frameset within the next couple weeks.

I have one for sale now. It is powdercoated yellow. I could do it black, red, silver, or white, though.

I’m asking $30-$40

Let me know if you want it.

Thanks for the offer! A yellow frame would work. The price ($30-40) seems reasonable providing that the frameset is in very good to excellent condition, and that it would also include the requisite hardware (i.e., end cap bearing holders with bolts and nuts) needed to affix the wheel. My 26" wheel fits nicely on my Yuni 29er frame, and so I’m assuming that the Yuni 26" frame has the same critical measurements (i.e., an inside-to-inside fork distance measurement of about 83mm, and that that frame will accept a 22.2mm seatpost). Are my two assumptions correct? If so, and if the frame is in very good to excellent condition (i.e., has no rust, is free from nicks and scratches to the paint, and is structurally in sound shape), then my sense is that we’ve got a deal. Let me know, Thanks! --carl (lucretius40@hotmail.com)

Everything with the frame is fine, and it is just as wide as all the other Yuni frames (it is about 85mm wide). Also, it will take a 22.2mm seatpost without an adapter. It is in very good condition with only a few shoe marks on the back. I will try to touch it up some before I mail it out. I will give you the the bearing caps and hardware for it also. PM if you want it with your info and I will pm you back with mine. I would like the full $40 if you do not mind.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve sent the requested information via PM. I’ll look forward to receiving your mailing address sometime today or tomorrow. Toodles! --carl