Wanted: 25.4GB4 universal post

I just boke the seatpost on my Summit Trials. It was a Torker LX post I was using because I wanted use my Miyata Saddle. I need to replace it, but I’m not sure if I’m still going to want to use a Miyata saddle after this one breaks, so I figured the GB4 post is my best option. What do you guys think about it? Has anyone broke or bent one yet? Is it overly heavy?

And most importantly, does anyone have one they want to sell me? I need the 25.4 version. Best case is someone in the Bay Area has one that they want to give me (or sell) that I can pick up and avoid shipping costs.

Here’s a pic of the post I broke:

Looks angry doesn’t it?

It sure does look angry. Thats funny.

I’m sure you’ve seen this thread. Three not too bad reviews.

Does anyone else have anything to say about 'em?

I’m going to get one in the near future; 22.2 though.

So no one has one they want to sell?

Hmm. Where have I seen a Broken Seat Post before? Could be time for another Broken Mojoe Caption Contest.

I just got a 22.2 GB4 for my 29er. Doesn’t take much abuse though. So far so good.

Re: Wanted: 25.4GB4 universal post

Just make sure that the GB4 post is one of ther newer ones that will fit a KH saddle. The front of them is narrower.