[Wanted] 25.4 Thomson seat post

read title (black)

i have a 27.2 soory dude

is there any way you could kiss my ass?

men jagur u seriously ahve ana ttitude problem… but do u sell it with a rail adapter or not ? I might be interested how much do ou want for it ?

He wants to buy one if I read it right.:slight_smile:

what part of “WANTED” do you not understand?

you got real issues dude.

I have cleaned this thread.

Do you have it for sale? I might be interested.

Have you tried ebay?

Hers one on right now

It also looks like in the completed one went for $25

Is this what you were looking for?


yeah thats what im looking for but that one is to short and its PayPal only…the worst of both worlds.

i need 250mm or more.