Wanted 24inch Muni wheel KH or profile.

yep title says all Im willing to spend 150$ for iether a kh or profile 24 inch wheel. or koxx

The profile HUB alone (no cranks) is $200.

You need to pay more than $150 to get a wheel like that.

I have a kh 04 wheel i could sell you.

are the 04s the ones with q ? and nubs

Nope, yes they have nubs, but mine are the newer 04s that had factory removed nubs.

And judging by bend reports, they are stronger than 05’ cranks.

how much ?

Well, i dunno about a price yet, but i do know i need a trials wheel.

haha ur not getting mine Im actually keppin my uni cauz I kno that no one has the 900$ I want for it… ill give u 100$ for ur wheel

You wish

I have a 04kh hub laced to a 24" sun doublewide with 12 guage spokes and a set of haro cranks. yours for 100$ + shipping

Holy Sh*t Thats an awsome deal!! That rim is worth that and then some. If Max doesnt buy that wheel ill probly take it.

if max dosen’t get back to me in a couple days, it’s yours. fyi cranks are super long (180mm?), don’t count on being happy with them.

Ive got an extra set of 140s from my Trials. I want a XC Muni thats alittle lighter than my DH Muni