-WANTED- 24' Muni w/ splined hubset

Hey lads. I was wondering if anyone in the general melbourne area (Australia) would have a spare 24’ Muni with splined hubset and cranks going cheaper-than-retail price. Send me a PM with specs, questions etc.

A 24 foot MUNI? I don’t think they make 'em that big. I’ll assume you meant 24 inches.

I’d say just go for the Torker DX. It’s a great cycle, and for 260 it’s a good price.

Check ebay too, it’s great…

but shipping from the US would be heaps to austraila…and torkers are prity shocking uni’s :slight_smile:

ahh the pitfalls of the imperial system. i’ll check out the torkers. I think unicycle.com has a qu-ax for 515. I’m not really down with the whole muni subject so could someone check it out and tell me if it’s a decent price for what im getting?


the qu-ax is an excellent muni…its very strong and can take one hell of a beating before it quits. its a monster!

they come with not very nice pedals tho…as with most uni’s