Wanted: 24" muni, mid range, canada/ usa 2-400 to spend

Thats it right thier i live in victoria bc, will be traveling at tthe end of the momth and I want a killah uni for the trip. So lemme know, folks. THANKS ALOT, MATHEW

hey i live in shawnigan lake b.c., about 40 mins out of victoria and i have a 24" street unicycle im trying to get rid of for $250. Has kh/onza cranks and hub, double wide rim, hookworm tire ( if u want a gazzolodi with it a have one, 24x3.0) but itll be an extra $50 for the Muni tire if you want it and it also has a viscount with a custom steel 22.2mm seatpost with a 24" red powdercoated 24" flat crown, 2.5" wide frame.

let me know or call me, im only 1/2 hour from you:D 1-250-743-7771

justin kohse