[Wanted] 24" muni kh/onza or better

I need a 24" Muni with a 3" wide tire and a splined hub… if anyone has one they wanna sell give me pic and price. I DO NOT want a qu-ax 24" or a torker 24" anything with a kh/onza hub or a onza or profile is what Im looking for… thanks

Re: Muni Wanted

Hey there, im looking to either sell my Muni or trade it for a trials uni, i live in Nova Scotia

Here are the specs

  • Bedford frame with a black and orange paint job
  • 24" Alex DX32 rim
  • Profile hub and 145mm cranks
  • Miyata sea
  • Roach seat cover w/ air pillow (both from Unicycle.com)
  • Sun Ringle pedals (have all pegs, removable w/ a phillips screwdriver – bearings are great)
  • Stout 24" tire
  • Intense DH tube
  • 3-bolt seat clamp

Let me know if you are interested and want to see some pictures


chek your pm’s…