WANTED 24" MUni frame

Hey I need a frame to fit a 24" DX wheelset.

this frame should

accept a 3" tire
have 40mm bearing holders
preferably a 25.4mm seatpost or larger

I don’t plan on spending much more than $40 and if anyone in Canada has something like this that they want to get rid of that would be great.

Alternatively has anyone tried a 3" tire in a pre-2007 Nimbus X frame? did it work?

Well a 24" DX wheelset in a 26" pre 2007 nimbus X frame does not work. Since the cranks have no Q-factor offset they hit the frame legs.

I used the wheelset in a 26" Yuni frame and had the same problem. It was easily fixed by adding extra spacers between the bearing and the cranks.

Evan Byrne’s solution was to beat the frame over the edge of a curb until the frame was dented in enough that the cranks cleared.

haha, I got his wheel and he was also missing a spacer