WANTED:24" Muni frame

I have the 2004 Torker DX! :angry: It doesnt accomodate a wide enough tire for what I want to do. I need a frame wide enough to accomodate the 24x3 Duro Wildlife tire, and will fit my DX wheelset!

yO i’ve one 4 ya for free (sending en shipping cost are yours)

It’s a Qu-ax 24 in a good shape.
Not the lightest but the STRONGEST !!!
Bearingdistance is 100mm
Bearings outside diameter 42mm. Widht 12mm
Axle 20mm

luckey… if you dont want it ill take it…tr4nspor

Ive sent a PM to him. I live in U.S. and he is in the Netherlands. I dont know what it would cost to ship?

to day i’ll go to the post office and ask what the cost will be, so…
just be patient.