Wanted: 24-26" MUni

I’m just starting mountain unicycling am looking to obtain a used MUni. I’m open to a 24-26" and have a budget of roughly $250.

If you have one that doesn’t get used very much and would be interested in selling it, please let me know. If it matters, I am located in Spokane, WA.



Be patient. Off the top of my head, I’m guessing you’ll have to pay more for something of relative good quality. I think a lot of riders on the forum would rather hold onto what they have, rather than sell it that cheap. unicycle.com is selling their Nimbus 24" and 26" mountain unicycles for $350 and $360 respectively. I know that’s over your budget. 26" mUni gives you a lot more tire choices (though you’ll always have a few okay choices with 24"). I suggest that whatever you buy, new or used, you go for the ISIS hub/crank interface, which is more of a standard nowadays. For the time being, take whatever you’ve got and hit the trails. Any unicycle can be ridden off road. Some are just better at it. Good luck, and keep riding!

I have seen older Torker DX 24’s go for $100-150. These are on the heavy side, but solid MUni’s with splined hubs.

The older Nimbus MUni’s have square taper cranks, and for anything beyond mild XC singletrack you will probably want something a bit more durable. Those uni’s also show up in the sub $200 range.

To keep your price low you will want to watch your local craigslist. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed for the search on CL, something like “mountain unicycle.” That way you’ll get a notification when a new listing is posted.

I saw on Amazon a muni for something like $250 and it got great reviews


A decent uni for a good price.


Thanks all. I’ll check it out.