WANTED: 2003/2004 KH trials crank

Have you broken a 2003/2004 KH trials crank and are looking to sell the other? Have 2 spare that you’re looking to sell?

Send me a PM please…

This is what they look like:


  • James

I assume you want just the cranks? How much you willing to pay?

They aren’t actually for me, it’s for another one of the riders in our group. He’s ideally just looking for a single crank, as he’s only broken one, but if the price was reasonable might be interested in two. Suggest a price and I’ll run it by him…

He’s also willing to trade or include a similar muni (170mm) crank as we have spare’s of those, just not the trials length.


  • James

Ive already got Muni cranks…Im acctually looking to get rid of a whole wheel thats why i asked. Sorry

Do qu-ax cranks fit? They seem similar.

Qu-ax makes 127mm cranks to fit this hub but I dont think the normal quax ones fit.

I’m guessing you have checked Bedford? Or are you just trying to find them for cheaper?

Thanks, have checked Bedford (doesn’t have any)… ideally looking for something cheaper, surely someone else has broken a crank on their old KH or Summit… :slight_smile:

do the DX cranks fit?
they look exactly like that on the inside.
if so, i can come up w/ a source for cranks that fit.

just so noone says anything, the quax and DX hubs are very similar, the quax is bigger, but the cranks fit on the DX hub, just not well. i have never heard of anyone attempting to swap these with any others.
ask two of the people in your group to try it maybe, it will help out a lot of people.

udc has them


UDC only has 170’s… but thanks.