[Wanted] 20" wheel to fit Torker LX

I’m trying to piece together an inexpensive 20" unicycle that’ll be used as an indoor loaner for college students interested in learning to ride one wheel. I’ve purchased a used 20" Torker LX frame, seatpost, and saddle. I’m now trying to rummage-up an wheel (complete with hub, spokes, and rim) that’ll fit the frame to finish the project. If you have a wheel that might work, and if you’re willing to sell it for a reasonable price, then please let me know. Thanks! --carl (North Dakota)

Wanted: Unicycle miscellany…

I’m eager to purchase a few much sought after items three small unicycle-related projects. Items include the following:

  1. a 20" Torker LX wheelset (complete or partial set considered);

  2. a rail adaptor that’d fit the KH saddle;

  3. a rail adaptor that’d fit the Miata/Torker saddle; and

  4. a Reeder or GB4 handle.

Thanks for looking! – carl (Grand Forks, North Dakota)

I have a Kinport Kh/Bike post addapter.

Evan-- Thanks for the tip. Check your PM. Thanks! -carl