Wanted: 20" ultimate wheel

Since UDC stopped making these some years ago, seems they are out of stock everywhere. Even the stores I’ve contacted that list them as in stock get back to me saying they don’t have any.

I’ve had some progress with my 24" one, and would love to try some stuff on a 20".
If anyone has a used one they’re willing to sell please let me know.
Thanks for reading!

I have a 20" ultimate wheel. I bought it used, but I never got around trying it.
I’m in NE pa. Tire is flat from sitting. Looks like it had almost no use.

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I’m interested! Sent you a PM to discuss price and shipping. Thanks!

SOLD, enjoy.

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This, is awesome!

I’m very happy for you, @dreamisdestiny !

We need videos once you learn to ride it!

I only know two people that can ride our 20” Ultimate Wheel. My son, and a friend of his at college.

When you inquired about a 20” UW, I asked my son if he would want to sell it. The answer was a form of “absolutely not”. Apparently, once you learn to ride the 20” UW, it becomes a badge of honor. :laughing:


Thanks everybody! This is going to be awesome! I’ll definitely post some videos of it. I should also post some videos of what I’ve learned on my 24", finally getting more consistent at idling which is fun and challenging for me. I’ll probably make a series of videos/posts of my progress on the 20" as I learn it.

Here’s one 20" ultimate wheel learning progression I found:

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