Wanted: 20" ultimate wheel

Since UDC stopped making these some years ago, seems they are out of stock everywhere. Even the stores I’ve contacted that list them as in stock get back to me saying they don’t have any.

I’ve had some progress with my 24" one, and would love to try some stuff on a 20".
If anyone has a used one they’re willing to sell please let me know.
Thanks for reading!

I have a 20" ultimate wheel. I bought it used, but I never got around trying it.
I’m in NE pa. Tire is flat from sitting. Looks like it had almost no use.

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I’m interested! Sent you a PM to discuss price and shipping. Thanks!

SOLD, enjoy.

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This, is awesome!

I’m very happy for you, @dreamisdestiny !

We need videos once you learn to ride it!

I only know two people that can ride our 20” Ultimate Wheel. My son, and a friend of his at college.

When you inquired about a 20” UW, I asked my son if he would want to sell it. The answer was a form of “absolutely not”. Apparently, once you learn to ride the 20” UW, it becomes a badge of honor. :laughing:


Thanks everybody! This is going to be awesome! I’ll definitely post some videos of it. I should also post some videos of what I’ve learned on my 24", finally getting more consistent at idling which is fun and challenging for me. I’ll probably make a series of videos/posts of my progress on the 20" as I learn it.

Here’s one 20" ultimate wheel learning progression I found:

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I also got my 20" recenlty. I haven’t tried a UW before. Last weekend, I tried it and found it’s not that
difficult as I thought. I practiced for 1 hour and can freemount and ride for several revolutions. Probably because I cheated with the dyneema leg wrap. I still can’t ride continuously. Need more practice to keep balanced and ride without rubbing my calves too much.

Originally the video wasn’t showing for me, and I had to go to this link:
Just learned to ride ultimate wheel 20" for several revolutions. It is not as difficult as I thought. This is my first time to try outside, and it took... | By Syoten | Facebook

Awesome! You really did it! Congrats! If we both keep at it we’ll have to see where we each are with it a year from now.

I tried again today and there is not any progress. At first it’s like I totally forgot how I had done it. I’ve tried many times today, but just couldn’t do it as before. Last time I can sometimes ride for more than 10 revolutions but today I only reached 7 revolutions at most. Maybe my legs are still fatigue.

I think especially in the very beginning, this is normal, as your muscles adapt, and as your mind works out what to do. And for sure, UW form suffers when your legs are too tired. At least for myself, with almost all unicycle related things, my progress is up and down until I’ve done the given thing completely solid for at least days or weeks.

I had a funny day some weeks ago where I was practicing very hard various ways to keep the wheel away from my legs. I spent some time on each of these things separately to see if any would improve my form:

  • focus on sharing weight on both pedals throughout the rotation
  • pushing back (and out) on the pedal coming up
  • keeping my knees in
  • focusing/imagining the pedals moving straight up and down, no sideways motion whatsoever
  • avoiding bringing the down pedal to center line
  • wheel straight, no s-curves at all
  • trying to purposely turn the wheel the opposite direction of each natural s-curve I was doing
  • ride very slow and controlled
  • ride as fast and smooth as possible

For several of these I did have some magic revolutions where the wheel did not hit my legs at all, but nothing I could consistently reproduce. Well, after pushing very hard on all these various exercises, I attempted to ride my normal route home. Suddenly I couldn’t ride at all, not even poorly. My mind was so confused what to focus on it kept tripping itself up. I did after a few attempts relax it and could ride again, but it was a crazy sensation having lost everything suddenly.

This is a personal thing, but for me, it has been invaluable to laugh at myself. Every failed mount, every UPD, every crazy thing I reflexively do to try and save myself. If I’m having a good time, not trying to prove anything to anyone (including myself, or any passerby) then I can practice for a long time, really enjoying it, cheering up others, and occasionally making good progress in my learning.

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And inspiration for when you think you’re too tired to pedal anymore:

Thank you for all the tips. I’ll try in the future:)

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