Wanted: 20" trials uni

Hey everyone,
I just broke my old uni:D and want one that can take the abuse i throw at it. I would like splined cranks, but some really stront square tapers will do. If you got something, pls tell me the price, condition and shipping costs.


Here’s one

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What’s a Reeder??

I noticed that it has a “left handed Reeder”. I’m a righty so whats the dif between left and right handed Reeders? Is it reversible? or is it only for left handed people? I started unicycling 4 months ago so i don’t know much of the uni terminoligy yet.


A reeder is a metal handle. The right and left ones are mirrored. They tilt out to the direction opposite of the hand you hold it with so it is more comfortable (it would be awkward to have your hand tilted in).
You can use the wrong side reeder, it may be weird but it is possible to get used to it.
Here is a picture

sort of my friend has one and it is weird to try and hold it with my left hand since it is a right. If you want to do trials you should do sif and not use the handle.

reeder handles

Well, i guess if it’s uncomfortable i can always chop and weld it:).
BTW, what do you mean by: “If you want to do trials you should do sif and not use the handle.”?

SIF stands for Seat in Front, by which you hold the seat by the side of the seat and hold it out infront of you. Many people find it improves their balance to do so aswell as their static hops. I would agree but others find that doing trials seat in to be easier as you have more contact with the uni.

Hey, um, PDC have you checked your messages lately?


I’ll also take 19 inch trials or a strong street uni.:o
post ANYTHING you got.