Wanted 20" Trials frame

wanted 20" trials frame preferably with seat clamp. i would like it to be fairly cheap and be able to fit a fairly wide 19" tyre on it. Also in the UK if possible, but would consider overseas…


i doubt u’ll find much cheaper than this :
The Nimbus II
seatpost clamps are a fiver but you might find cheaper at ur local bike shop.

I really dont think you’ll find cheaper than £16 for a 19" trials frame

iw as gonna mention the qu-ax but the frame doesnt fit 2.5 trials tyre so my bad

The qu-ax trials frame fits 2.5" tires…it comes with the creepy crawler (20x2.5)

i meant this qu-ax frame for £13 which is real cheap and does not fit 2.5" tyres.


This one will fit a trialstire and is a bit cheaper.