[Wanted]20'' Cheap Splined Trails uni

my cousin decided he wanted to start riding the other day and he wants me to teach him to ride and hook him up with one to. just looking for a cheap splined uni

here you go

i was thinking used and cheaper cause he doesn’t want to pay that much for one.

You won’t find a cheaper splined uni, even used, they are few and far between.

Grant, if you act fast, there is a Torker DX for $214.00US plus $39.99 for shipping. $253.99 all together. With exchange it comes to about $289.00 Canadian, thats almost insane pricing for a splined delivered to your door NEW.
Or talk to Jarret and see if he wants to sell his. lol

talked to my cousin and to jarret her doesn’t want to sell it but i think my cousins pretty interested in the orange summit…

I have one of these in excellent condition for $250 + ~$20 shipping

holy crap, jump on that thing right now Grant. if you don’t Pat will.

ya that’s a great deal.