WANTED: 2 Carbonfiber seatbases

Today I found out that every seat I own is ethier broken or about to break. My miyata has a cracked reinforcement plate, along with one of my KH’s. The other Kh saddle hs a seat base that’s cracked to the point that the bolts are about to pull through.

Basically, unless the latest version of the KH saddle has had a drastic improvement in strength, I need a pair of Carbonfiber bases. Preferably I’d like 1 KH style one and one Miyata style, but anything will do. I figure I’d check here before I look for something new.

Please e-mail me at onewheeler@mindspring.com or PM me or just post here. Anything will do.

C’mon, noone? Someone must be tired of having such a light and strong seat!:frowning: